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At Cadbury, we know that without successful farmers and thriving cocoa-growing communities to produce our cocoa, we cannot bring consumers the chocolate they love. The importance of a sustainable supply of cocoa has driven the creation of Cocoa Life, an industry-leading independently verified program to support sustainable cocoa production. Cocoa Life works directly with farmers to provide farmer training and support for community development and environmental protection. Cocoa communities that include women’s voices and empower youth through education. We work on the ground with NGO partners to deliver the program in over 1,000 communities, impacting 120,000 cocoa farmers to-date!

What is Cocoa Life?

Cocoa Life is an industry-leading, independently verified program that will ensure the future of Cadbury chocolate for generations to come


Cocoa Life’s fast facts

We believe in creating empowered thriving cocoa communities as the essential foundation for sustainable cocoa.

Actions that we implement throughout our program and across origins include:

  • Multi-stakeholder collaborative program design and oversight.
  • Tailor made trainings for women’s groups.
  • Facilitating the development and implementation of Community Actions Plans.
  • Education in financial services and access to finance.
  • Acting against child labour.

By learning and using the most up-to-date good agricultural practices, farmers are working in a sustainable way whilst achieving higher yields and therefore earning a higher income.


  • Cocoa Life has already been rolled out across more than 795 cocoa farming communities around the world, helping them across education, healthcare, infrastructure and other priorities.
  • Independent verification shows that farmers’ in the Cocoa Life program in Ghana have seen their incomes increase 49 per cent more than farms outside the program.
  • Alongside Fairtrade, Cocoa Life is also actively supported on the ground by other NGOs including Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), Save The Children, CARE Internationa

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An official media release can be viewed here